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15 Must-Have Equipment For A New Salon

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Are you thinking of starting out a Salon Business? Are you in the dilemma of buying the perfect equipment for your brand new Salon? Then this piece of information is a must-read.

I am going to advise you on some of the essential Beauty Equipment you should have in your Salon to provide your customers with the best experience and take your business to the next level.

Salon Industry is undoubtedly, one of the most competitive industries and building a good Infrastructure with the best products and equipment is crucial to have. To survive efficiently and effectively in the market place and beating your competition, you should have a good Brand Image of your Salon.

Equipment You need To start a Salon:

Having a good Brand Image will eventually give huge growth to your business but the Brand Image is only built by having Loyal Customers. To deliver amazing customer experience and providing them with the best services you have to create a salon installed with latest beauty equipment that can cater to the needs of your customers.

You can start with having limited equipment at the initial stage of your business if you are having low to medium budget and keep developing and investing in full-fledged tools once your business kicks off.

Now, lets talk about the necessary equipment you need to start your salon.

Hair Equipment

1. Hair Brushes

Hair Brushes for hair straightening, curling, and hair-cutting is important to buy for a salon to give all sorts of hairstyles and hairdressing to your customers. A good quality hairbrush will be convenient and easy to use for salon staff. Today, there are end number of hair-styling ways that customers demand for. Having variety of hairbrushes will help you in delivering better results.

2. Hair Dryers/Blow Dryers

Hair Dryers/Blow Dryers are one of the most essential equipment every salon needs to have. Most of the hair styling depends on Blow Dryers and if you don’t own this you will completely loose out on better at customer service.

3.Hair Straightener & Hair Curler

Again hair styling equipment like electric straighteners and curlers are an essential equipment to invest in. Curling and Straightening is demanded by Customers at all times if they are attending any event or function. Give them that perfect swirl by your Curlers.

4. Hair Spa Machine

Hair spa machine will give better and instant hair spa to your customers. It is much more convenient than dry hot towel spa method. Go for a hassle free technique of giving hair spa to your customers by purchasing a hair spa machine.

5. Shampoo Chair

shampoo chair equipment 
for new salon

Give your customers a complimentary hair wash for a hair cut, hair spa or head massage they had in your salon on a reclining shampoo chair. Experience a hassle free and tidy shampoo-conditioning session on a super convenient shampoo chair which you will definitely find in every good salon. A comfortable reclining shampoo chair is essential equipment for a hair cutting salon.


6. Face Steamer

face steamer- equipment for salon

A face steaming session after a facial or clean up is important to get that perfect glow on your customer’s skin. To get that instant light up on your client’s face a facial steamer is must have equipment. Invest in a good quality steamer so that you don’t let down your customer’s in that department and they feel satisfied with the facial result.

7.Wax Warmer Machine

wax warmer machine

A wax warmer machine is hands down an unavoidable equipment to have in a salon. Without a wax warmer machine, the wax does not melt and remains stiff or hard and it becomes difficult to apply it on the skin. Therefore a good quality wax warmer machine saves time and effort. Instead of warming the wax on a gas or stove, go for this wax warmer machine.


8. Pedicure Machine

pedicure machine - equipment for salon

Pedicure is also one of the most demanded service given by most salons to their customers. They always look for the best pedicure professionals with convenient pedicure equipment. A pedicure machine built on a comfortable reclining chair is a perfect option to go for. Give the best pedicure service to your customers with this perfect looking pedicure machine .

9. Manicure Machine

manicure machine-equipment for salon

Similar to pedicures, manicures are also hugely in demand. A lot of people want to have perfect french manicured nails and they look for salons to do it for them. Many salons invest in some good quality manicure kits and machine to satisfy their customer’s demand. You should also go for manicure machines to enhance your business and add on this service in your salon and help out your staff to deliver best results by providing them a manicure machine.

10. Nail Polish Rack

nail polish rack - equipment for salon

After a Manicure you need to beautify your client’s nails with colorful nail paints. There are different nail paints available with variety of texture. Organize your nail paint collection beautifully on a rack display so that it grabs the attention of the customer the moment they enter your salon and think of getting a stroke of those nail paints right away.

11. Massage Bed

massage bed - equipment for salon

A massage bed is used for giving facial or body massage to the customers. If you are thinking of opening a salon with spa service you can go for buying 2 to 3 massage bed.

12.Revolving Chair

revolving chair - equipment for salon

A salon is incomplete without a revolving chair for customers for giving a hair cutting, eyebrows cleaning or a makeup. A comfortable adjustable revolving chair is necessary because the customers sit on it just when they enter your salon. You can choose the number of chairs you want to put in your salon according to the budget and space. You can also have a sofa or normal chairs for waiting area.

13. Nail Art Kit

nail art kit- equipment for salon

Nail Art is the new trend these days and and a good way of attracting customers to your salon. Having professional nail artists will help you in salon recognition. But that’s not enough. Providing your nail art professionals with best nail art kit is also crucial . Go for a full fledged nail art kit to make your customers go all mushy over their nails.

14. Scissors

scissors for hair cut - equipment for salon

Hair cutting scissors come in different sizes. You need to have all possible varieties of scissors as well as good quality electric trimmers. Most men want their haircuts to be done with trimmers to get trendy haircuts.Having all sorts of scissors for all purpose is a good way to avoid last minute hassle.

15. Trolley

hair salon trolley-equipment for salon

Lastly, A trolley organizer for your hair cutting and hair coloring equipment at one place is important to have so that you don’t have to reach out for products and tools again and again while attending a customer. You can have all the necessary things right next to you in an appropriate and tidy way in a spacious and movable trolley .

These were the necessary 15 equipment you need to have while starting your new salon.

I hope this article was useful and if you want a price and quality comparison of all these equipment you can comment down below and I will try helping you out to buy a cost effective and best quality tools for your salon.

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