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10 Wardrobe Essentials For Women in 2019

 wardrobe essentials you can't live without

These are  MUST-HAVE wardrobe essentials for  woman  in 2019. Having these essential staples will help you build a killer wardrobe. If this is what you want Keep Reading and build a foundation for your wardrobe.

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Essential#1: T-Shirt

t-shirt- wardrobe essential

A simple basic T-Shirt is something you can never go wrong with. Choose whatever neckline you like and which suits you best. Having some comfortable T-shirts in your wardrobe will definitely add into the style. It can be either a round or a V neck. You can always experiment with a basic t-shirt by pairing it up with dresses, shorts, denim, and even a blazer if you want to give it a casual yet formal look. A basic simple T-shirt will bring life to your wardrobe and this is something you can’t live without. T-shirts are always a YES if you have one of those ” I don’t have anything to wear” days.

Essential#2: Silk Camisole

silk camisole wardrobe essentials

Silk Camisole is another best thing to have in your wardrobe from here on to the rest of your life. Camisoles are trendy and easy to pair up with anything. Basic t-shirt and Camisole’s combination has gotten into everyone’s nerve. This is a must-have essential in 2019. Camisoles are super trendy.You can wear it alone or with denim, I mean literally anything. If you want to spice up your closet with Camisoles, go for it girl!

Essential#3: Blazer

wardrobe essentials you must have

So this classic item will carry you through your life and you can always put together your perfect fit blazers with anything you want. Having a basic Blazer completes your wardrobe and you don’t want to get rid of these. Blazers are no more office or formal dressing attires. You can put it together with a vintage T-shirt underneath and denim shorts. This looks super effortless dressing and gives a classy look.

Essential#4: Denim

wardrobe essential

Everyone has a pair of denims in their wardrobe but sometimes having the best fit denim which perfectly suits your body type becomes very necessary. There are so many denim options to buy in stores and denim will never get out of trend even if it is 2030. Invest in some really great looking denim because they are your best friends. Denim will never let you down. So, prioritize this essential in your wardrobe NOW!

Essential#5: Black Cigarette Pants

wardrobe essential

Not necessarily a denim cigarette pants, you can go for any stretchy skinny black pants. They are super versatile and easy to pair up with any top, t shirt, anything you want. 2019 has been an year of skinny pants and you would not want to miss out on this trend and a Must have essential for your wardrobe. I would personally recommend to go for a black one because they add a style statement to your overall personality and Black is always IN.

Essential#6:Black Trousers

wardrobe essentials you can't live without

Another important essential to get straight into your wardrobe is a black trouser. In 2019 trousers are being tried and tested with every possible outfits. Be it a shirt, crop top, or T-shirts. If you want to go for pastel color trousers then that will also do wonders to your look. Stripped trousers are also trending this year. Pair it up with heels or a fancy flat and you will look perfectly dressed up.

Essential#7: Crisp White Shirt

wardrobe essential

You will always gravitate towards a classic white shirt which makes you look so timeless and effortless and fresh as well. A white shirt should have space in your wardrobe because 2019 is all about getting back to your basics. This is a must-have essential every girl needs to go for because no matter what’s your body type or your skin-tone, a white shirt makes every woman look classy and fabulous. Tuck your white button-down shirt in denim jeans or shorts to go all casual. You can even put it along with black trouser for office wears.

Essential#8: LBD ( little black dress)

wardrobe essentials 2019

A little black dress looks ravishing on every woman and you never seem to be underdressed or overdressed. In 2019 LBD’s are worn at every possible event and it’s not just a night party dress. Pairing it up with a Denim Jacket or a Blazer would give you a sheek look. So, you know how much LBD’s are essential to get straight into your wardrobe. Invest some time and money to buy the perfect Black dress for yourself. This is one of my favorite apparels and a must-have wardrobe essential. Make sure you resort to a Little Black Dress Now.

Essential#9: Denim Jacket

wardrobe essential

Denim jackets will definitely have space in any modern girl’s wardrobe. This has been in trend for so long even before 2019 but Denim Jackets have always proved themselves so useful when you want to throw it up on a basic t-shirt, dress, jeans or a Canadian tuxedo. When you find a good Denim Jacket, run with it and never look back. You can wear it in the daytime and even at nights. Much love for Denim Jackets.

Essential#10: Turtleneck

wardrobe essential

This is a winter essential for your wardrobe and 2019 winter apparel’s trend started with a turtleneck top. Tucking it with Denim jeans makes it look super cool and trendy. Give it a shot and you will fall in love with it. Experiment with it a little and you will be good to go.

The idea is not to go broke buying these apparels. You can do so much with just what you have in your wardrobe. All you need to do is some experiment with your clothes. Mix match them together and style it the way you think is the best for you. Always remember to carry your outfit with confidence and smile because it is not an essential, it is a necessity.

Comment below what wardrobe essential you think is a Must have in 2019 and which one you liked the most?

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